April 11, 2007

Hi everyone!

The Good Scarf Project, begun in July 2006, is three months from wrapping up. We have had a wonderful response! The online scarf currently measures 222 feet! And there are countless more feet—maybe even miles!—of knitted scarves that haven’t been photographed and sent in - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=szn3HXyQqKQ. They have been given away by kids who not only knit their scarf in honor of something good, but also wanted to give their scarf to someone who needed it. “Good Scarves” have been knit and donated in various cities across the U.S. and Canada, AND we have heard from scarf makers in Norway and Australia, too!

In Minneapolis, the originating city for the project, drop-off boxes have been made for schools, libraries and community centers, collecting scarves for distribution to local charities like THE BRIDGE, a center for homeless teens. Kids knitting in groups (girl scouts, after school knitting clubs, etc.) have researched charities and organized their own donations.

The warmth and goodness generated is the most powerful part of the Good Scarf Project, and from what I have heard in various emails from you knitters, you’re having lots of fun, too.

Hooray! — and thanks for all of your very GOOD efforts !!